About Us

Welcome to our shop!

We are Maria and Dimitra, twin sisters who love to create with their own hands! We believe that jewelry and accessories not only complement and enhance a woman’s fashion choices but also express her personality. From a young age, we were fascinated by the unique and started making our own handmade jewelry. Elaborate materials and fabrics were our favorite ingredients for our creations, with “silk painting” being one of our favorite techniques. Handmade jewelry won us over because it allows us to unleash our imagination, express ourselves, and bring joy through our creations! This led us to start our own brand, “Twiniñas”, which means twin girls in our own free translation – Twins + niñas. In 2011, we launched our e-shop www.twininas.gr, one of the first e-shops for handmade jewelry in Greece. Our love for this craft has driven us beyond borders, and your love has helped us perfect our brand new website, www.twininas.gr. All of our jewelry and accessories are handmade and many of them are unique. Simplicity and luxury are the two elements that inspire our collections.

Handmade sandals, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and hair accessories are our favorite creations made in Greece and inspired mainly by our culture, the Greek land, and the Mediterranean light! Semi-precious stones, metal, pearls, crystals, corals, and shells are some of the materials we use to make our imagination a reality!

We invite you to wander and travel to the world of Twininas…

With love,

Maria & Dimitra.